Smokehouse SEO? Is That Still A Thing?

Ok so let’s talk about the main issue:


Some of you might have noticed that I haven’t posted since January and when I did, it was sporadic and the latest thing was a whole series about Industrial Automation marketing – which you all really should read, whether you’re in automation or not because a lot of the advice in there is universal – and you may be asking yourself if this blog even exists anymore.

Wonder no more. The answer is – it does, but not like it did before.

You see, I was bogged down for like the last 6 months with the day job. There was a LOT going on from a whole website relaunch to being short staffed and everything in between, it just didn’t allow for the biweekly updates I used to do.

I know, excuses, excuses.

Well, here’s a brief update as to what’s been going on and where we’re going from here:

  • As of this launch, Wednesday March 17, I have a NEW day job! This means I may have more time for the blog since its a different company but due to typical new job ramp up time, maybe not, we’ll see on that
  • Smokehouse SEO may be changing from this format to an audio podcast instead! I’ve been talking to tech SEO pro and longtime colleague and friend Joe Shoop about putting together a digital marketing podcast for a while now and we’re pretty close to nailing it down instead of just talking about it so this could be evolving

Basically what I’m saying is to stay tuned, Smokehouse friends, updates will be coming and there may be some changes for the better soon!

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