Photos From The 2018 Raleigh SEO Conference

As you might have seen from my social media accounts, I recently attended the 2018 Raleigh SEO Conference held by the Raleigh SEO meetup group and it was fantastic!

There were a lot of great speakers at this year’s event like Jenny Halasz from JLH Marketing (and a former ChannelAdvisor colleague of mine way back when!); Ashley Berman Hale, the founder of The Raleigh SEO Meetup group; and Phil Buckley, Senior SEO Strategist from IBM.

Along with the speakers, there were a lot of big names in the NC Digital marketing space in attendance like Patrick Stox and Tansy O’Bryant.

All in all, it was a fun and informative event and I definitely plan to be in attendance again next year!

Just wanted to take a break from the ongoing GDPR nightmare and share some great photos we took there!




Thank you to the sponsors, speakers, The NC Nature Research Center and everyone else involved in making this a great time!

Now, everyone get back to your regularly scheduled GDPR freakouts.


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