The GDPR Round 2: No, Seriously, This Is HUGE

From all the research I’ve done and comments I’ve read from business owners online over the past month, it seems that a lot of you guys out there either don’t really understand the GDPR and what it means to your EU and Non-EU based business or you’re not taking this thing even halfway seriously enough. Even after my last article, it still seems a lot of people either just don’t know or don’t care.

Maybe it’s me. Maybe you’re not taking it seriously because you might think this is just one guy’s opinion. I mean, I’ve got a little name in the DM world but I’m no Rand Fishkin or Mari Smith…maybe that’s what you guys don’t seem to care.

It’s not just me. It really isn’t just me saying this.

Therefore, before anything else we do here at the Smokehouse, I’m going to present to you a round up of reading material that I’ve had to read over the past few weeks at the day job to prepare for this in hopes that you will take this as seriously as you should.


The Great GDPR Roundup




What Is The GDPR?

GDPR Overview straight from the EU

GDPR Information from Wikipedia

What is GDPR?

What is The GDPR? From Wired

Getting Ready for the GDPR Checklist from ICO


The GDPR and Your Email Marketing


The GDPR and Your Email Marketing

GDPR and Email Marketing from Mailjet

Is This The End of Email Marketing? By Hubspot

Consent Forms and The GDPR Whitepaper


The GDPR and Social/SEO


How the GDPR will Disrupt Google and Facebook

GDPR Social Media Strategies

What Does the GDPR Mean for SEO Consultants?

What Does GDPR Mean for SEO?

The GDPR and Google Analytics


The GDPR and PPC/Remarketing


The GDPR Guide to PPC Display and Remarketing

Google’s Statement on the GDPR

Does Retargeting Use Personal Data and How Will the GDPR Impact It?


The GDPR and Your eCommerce Store


GDPR: What You And Your Store Need To Know from Shopify

GDPR for eCommerce: It’s Time To Pay Attention


The GDPR and Your IT Team


10 Operational Impacts of the GDPR by iApp

How Legal and IT Teams Can Work Together to Achieve GDPR Compliance

5 GDPR Compliance Tips for your IT Ops Team

How the GDPR affects tracking cookies


The Bottom Line

Look, this is big.

Like BIG big.


Personally, I’ve never seen anything like this come down the pike in my years of doing digital marketing or IT and I was here for CAN-SPAM and CASL.

This is going to completely change digital marketing, legal, privacy policies and IT as we know it. NOTHING is going to be the same after this drops thanks to these ridiculously high penalties and I PROMISE YOU THE GOVERNING/ENFORCEMENT BOARD WILL BE LOOKING TO MAKE EXAMPLES OUT OF VIOLATORS BOTH BIG AND SMALL TO SHOW THAT THIS APPLIES TO EVERYONE, at least in the early stages of this.




If you play around with this or think, ‘Oh, well, they’re not going to come after ME!’ then you just keep on thinking that until you get smacked with a penalty and you have to close up shop.

With all this information online out there, you can’t say you weren’t warned. Talk to your legal team and get this one RIGHT.

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