Less Marketing, More Holidays

Just a quick update to let readers know that Smokehouse SEO is going to be on break for the next week until after the US Thanksgiving Holiday…so no, the site hasn’t been abandoned, its just there’s turkey to be eating and well, I’m going to be doing that instead now.


Also, here’s a quick pro tip for those of you out there with physical store locations and a social media presence.

If you are going to be closed on Thanksgiving, be sure to mention that on social media, particularly Facebook, using the proper hashtags like #KeepFamilyFirst or even #BoycottBlackThursday.

So far, this year and last year, brands that do this are gaining a very positive brand reputation and are even in some cases seeing comments stating that because they are showing care for their employees and their families that they are more willing to make a purchase from their store than they would have been in the past.

So go do that and then go spend some time with your actual families!

See you all after Thanksgiving and have a great one!

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